How to Record Shopify Payments: Reconciliation Software

Because the Corporate Transparency Act is related to anti-laundering initiatives and financial accountability, many companies will instinctively turn to their accounting professionals for assistance. This offers an opportunity for accounting professionals to expand the scope of advisory services offered. This responsibility may fall under the scope of advisory services for an accounting professional. However, the […]

Mastering Debits and Credits: A Beginner’s Guide to Journal Entries

Content What’s the Difference Between Debits and Credits? Debit: Definition and Relationship to Credit Debit and Credit in Accounting How to apply for student loans: Federal vs. private Asset Accounts Kashoo offers a surprisingly sophisticated journal entry feature, which allows you to post any necessary journal entries. Double-entry accounting allows for a much more complete […]

Cash Basis Accounting: Definition, Example, Vs Accrual

The following video summarizes the difference between cash and accrual basis of accounting. Expense recognition is closely related to, and sometimes discussed as part of, the revenue recognition principle. The matching principle states that expenses should be recognized (recorded) as they are incurred to produce revenues. An expense is the outflow or using up of […]

Bookkeeping Accrual Method

When it comes to budgeting for bookkeeping, the difference hinges on whether you hire or manage using software tools. Below are some of the most common statements a bookkeeper uses to monitor activities. At, our research Cash vs Accrual Accounting For Non-Profits: Which is Right for Your Organization? is meant to offer general product […]